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It's been a crazy few months at home. A new job for the hubs has changed things quite a bit in our household and I haven't been on top of my social media game. Now that things have started to find their rhythm, I'm happy to be back on the computer and working on getting some great family sessions on the blog...

What a better way to come back than with a twins session!

This session with these adorable twin girls ended up being one of my favorites. First off, they are two and were sooooooo good! Usually toddlers make me work but these two were a dream. Their mom did a fantastic job getting everyone ready for the shoot. Clients ask me all the time, "what should we wear?" She did it just right with neutral colors that complimented one another. Everyone looked great and the light with the girls dresses was just lovely.

Also, their grandparents were visiting and got to be in some shots and the results were beautiful. I am getting ready to take my own children to see their great grandma next week and will definitely try to recreate some shots like these for my own family. These photos remind me of exactly why I love doing this. Capturing moments like these are so special. It gives us a moment frozen in time with the ones we love that will last forever...

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