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Introducing Baby Jonah

I got the pleasure of photographing this little guy's Momma back in August. Lets just say that her and pregnancy really work well together. She had purchased a newborn session with the special "belly to baby" maternity session added on.

We did her photos both in her home and at Scripps Pier in La Jolla.They turned out so lovely. She was super easy to shoot and we were able to get the shots we needed quickly at home allowing us plenty of time at the beach. Here's a couple from that day:

Then a few weeks later baby Jonah arrived and I was able to shoot him just one week after his debut. He was one of those yummy sleepers and made my job sooooo easy. I had just gotten a new bonnet and wrap set from Gentle Touch Props ( in the softest pale gray and was excited when the couple chose that with a beautiful sage blanket for the background.

Unfortunately, this little guy was not into being on his tummy in any shape, way, or form so we couldn't get any bum up shots but we did manage to get this snuggly little side shot. I had a fantastic new wood bucket that I was dying to try out but his anti tummy ways weren't having it. Stay tuned for that one. He did love to be on his back so we got a fantastic shot in this basket!

With most of my newborn sessions I prefer the soft colors and tones in my pictures but there was just something about this one in black and white that really worked for me. I could just stare at this lips all day! Other than the tummy issue, he was doll and we were able to try quite a bit. I wrapped Jonah in a ivory wrap for this last shot in dads arms. Proof for that one day, down the road, when dad says "you were once so small, you fit in the palm of my hands..."

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